Friday, July 24, 2015

Coming this fall...

When evil knows your mind, fight it with your heart.

For the first time in years, I can say that I'm staying busy with writing-related activities. I'm finally writing first draft of a novel again, one I outlined and began years ago...and then stalled. I'm also preparing to unleash a new novel into the marketplace (and hopefully into your hands) this fall.

My novel, Daeva, has had a rough time finding its way into publication. To recap the history: Three and a half years ago, I signed with a publisher that I was really excited about to have Daeva published in 2014. The publisher slowed down their production schedule, pushed Daeva's release out to 2015, and then stopped publishing books before they got to mine. Drats! 

I vowed to either find a new publisher this year or self-publish. I queried a half dozen publishers, and ended up getting two offers, which thrilled me, but after reviewing the contracts and evaluating how much marketing advantage I thought the publishers could provide, I didn't sign with either one. It was a tough decision and one that surprised me.

So now I've completed a full, careful edit of my novel and designed a cover I love. I formatted everything for publication, and now I'm waiting for proof copies of the paperback to arrive in the mail so I can begin yet another edit (with the help of my eagle-eyed husband). I can spot most mistakes and areas that need improvement while editing on my computer, but some mistakes hide from me until I see them printed on paper.

Bottom line: I'm on track to publish Daeva this fall!

Watch here for the cover reveal, coming SOON!

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