Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Still kicking

Geez, nearly three months since my last post. Either I'm lazy, busy, or time flies. Or all three. So what's gone on since late March? This 'n that.

Writing-wise, I'm editing my novel Daeva. This is the novel originally scheduled for publication later this year, but the publisher closed its doors. I still absolutely love this novel. As many times as I've self-edited and rewritten and modified it (and those times have been MANY), I still enjoying being in that world with those characters.

Singing-wise, Reveille Men's Chorus had its big spring show in May at the Temple of Music and Art here in Tucson. Rehearsals and practicing really ramped up in April, taking up a lot of my time, but it was fun. The result was a roller coaster of a show held in a great venue and presented to big, appreciative audiences. Everyone seemed to love it, and we all had great fun.

I've hiked a time or two. We had a cool spring by Tucson standards, and that made getting out and enjoying nature a pleasure.

Traveling has been limited, although we did spend a few days at a resort in Phoenix last weekend. Phoenix in June calls for staying wet as much as possible, and we did.

Now the heat is here in Tucson, so we're still spending time wet each day. A few dips a day sure makes things more comfortable.

So I am definitely around and still kicking. Sorry for being so quiet for so long.

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