Friday, January 23, 2015

The novel that wouldn't die

Like its lead character, Wesley, my novel Dark Knowledge just won't give up. Good thing. It's had a rough time of it.

Dark Knowledge was a fun novel to write and edit, and I've always loved the pace and characters and story line. The theme changed as I wrote the first draft, and this "good and bad together" idea presented itself, but it happened so early in the first draft that I didn't have to do the dreaded delete and start again thing I've had to do before. Even summarizing this novel for a synopsis was (relatively) easy. The rough times I mentioned came after it was published.

The first small publisher seemed promising, but almost immediately after publishing DK, they decided to "move away" from paranormal thrillers and horror in favor of romance and erotica. Luckily, when I asked for my rights back, they complied, and I quickly found DK another promising small publisher. Then the second publisher did the same thing the first did. Doh!

In 2014, I regained the rights to all three of my published novels, and I made them available as eBooks through Amazon. People keep requesting paperbacks, so I've decided to give it a try, and I'm again using Amazon to publish them. Since Dark Knowledge has had the roughest life in publishing, it's first to get another shot at being a paperback.

Here's the wrap-around cover. Back cover is to the left, then the spine, then front cover on the right. It's my design and creation, so feel free to say nice things about it. *smile*

Dark Knowledge is already available as an ebook, and it'll be available in paperback very soon.

Two bad publishing experiences can't keep this novel down.