Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can a horror writer sing and dance?

If someone were to ask you to form a mental picture of a horror writer, you might envision a person dressed in dark clothing slumped over a keyboard in a dimly lit room, cruel lips twitching into a sneer as he tortures innocent characters. Maybe there's a stuffed crow perched beside his computer and a Freddy Krueger poster on the wall behind him.

Okay, so I don't have a stuffed crow or Freddy Krueger poster, but at times I come pretty close to that image. There are other times, however, when I'm nothing like that at all. Just like normal folks, we horror writers live varied lives, and a big focus in my personal life right now is an upcoming weekend of performances with Reveille Men's Chorus. There are two big shows here in Tucson, Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 3 PM. Then later on in May, we're off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to perform with a men's chorus there.

So you see, I'm a singing, dancing horror writer. Ever odd, but always having fun. If you're near Tucson this weekend, come see for yourself. Here's a link to the Reveille website, where you can learn more about the upcoming shows. And here's a picture of one of our recent practices to prove this writer's got the moves (at least for that one moment in time when the camera clicked).

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