Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 looks great from up here

Picacho Peak from Hunter trailhead
Happy 2014! The weather here in Tucson decided to start the year off right and gave us a BEAUTIFUL sunny January 1st. So I decided to start the year off right too and took a great hike with friends.

We climbed Picacho Peak, well known for its challenging, cable-assisted areas. Turns out, climbing it is something of a New Year tradition here in Tucson. We weren't alone up there, and several of the folks I met along the way make this hike every year.

It was my first time to hike Picacho. It won't be my last.

Taking a breather in the "saddle" on the way up.
A view from the summit.

The infamous cables. There were more difficult areas, but I was too busy holding on to take pictures. 
Me on the summit.

We all enjoyed a hiker's lunch up top.
One of many breathtaking views.
Happy New Year. I hope 2014 gives you new friends and new experiences, breathtaking summits, and something (or someone) to grab onto if the path gets challenging.

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