Thursday, December 12, 2013


The Reveille Men's Chorus 2013 Holiday Show is now history. All the hard work and long rehearsals, the hours spent memorizing lyrics and notes, the effort to learn movements, the coordination challenge of putting movements and singing together, and all the labors of many talented people paid off nicely with three successful, well-attended performances of "It's a Fabulous Life."
This was my first season with Reveille. I joined in September and wasn't sure what to expect when putting on a show of this size. Leading up these shows, I participated in several "outreach" events -- our mission, after all, is not only to achieve musical excellence, but to promote human rights, diversity, and a world free of AIDS -- and those performances helped me get comfortable singing for an audience. And they were always fun, but in a formal way. We stood in formation, all dressed in black pants, white shirts, and purple ties with black notebooks of music held before us as we made pretty music.

Aside from making pretty music, the Christmas show was quite different. So was preparing for it. I sometimes wondered if it would all come together, but it did. Here are a few photos from various performances over the weekend. If you're looking for me in the pictures, I'm wearing either a blue or purple sweater, depending on the night.

Yes, we did indeed have dancing elves.
We served up thrills AND chills.

A lovely, living Christmas tree.
Sometimes we stood still to sing traditional songs.

I'm very glad it was fun for the chorus as well for as the audience each performance. After all, I joined Reveille because watching their shows last year gave me the impression everyone was having a blast up there on stage, and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed singing with a chorus way back in high school. Preparation for this show was more intensive and difficult than I imagined, but I'm pleased to report that I had even more fun performing with this great group of guys than I hoped. And we sounded good!

During one of our performances, there was even a live, surprise marriage proposal.  

He said "yes!"

I had a blast, and I feel great about the job we did. I wish there were more shows to do, actually, but this was the first year we expanded from 2 performances to 3, and everyone was happy we had full houses each time. So it's time to say goodbye to "It's a Fabulous Life." It was great to be a part of it.

Signing off with a kiss.