Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A carefree vacation

Me and a little piece of the very big ship

We went cruising again, this time to the West Caribbean out of Galveston. We stopped in Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; and Belize City, Belize. What fun! And it was a cruise, so...What food!

Cozumel was warm and beautiful. It was also a bit rainy. We didn't care. We boarded a little submarine (my first!) and headed underwater to where fish frolic and rain doesn't matter.
Colors get funky deep under the water, but that's us.
We went more than 100' deep (see red gauge).

We hiked in Roatan, and it was beautiful. It rained on us several times. We didn't care. It was warm and always cleared up after a few minutes. It was their rainy season, after all, and you could definitely tell by the trails. They were very muddy. We didn't care. Mud washes off, and they gave us a big stick to help in the slick spots. 
Me and my big stick.
Jack on the beach where we relaxed after the hike.

We went horseback riding in Belize. Weather was beautiful, and we saw geckos and iguanas and even a monkey. The skies were clear but the ground was incredibly wet and muddy. We didn't care. The horses had to deal with it, and they didn't seem to mind. What splattered on us washed right off. Mud's good that way. 
Jack on Coconut.
Me on Trek.

We were fogged in when we returned to Galveston, and we couldn't dock and get off the ship. We didn't care. They fed and entertained us.

By the time we made it to the airport, we'd missed all the flights home. We didn't care. We extended the vacation a night and flew home the next day.

Obviously, we left our cares behind for this vacation. It was great fun, but it's over now. We don't care. It's always good to get home. 


  1. Oh man, that looks like fun. I could sure use some warm weather. Too bad you can't bottle it up.

    Happy Cruising, Keith!

  2. We tried, Joylene, but I think I need a bigger bottle next time. Aw well, a reason for a "next time."