Thursday, November 01, 2012

Creating suspense...and ending it

When we lived in Albuquerque, NM, I was a regular at SouthWest Writers events for very good reasons. They helped me become a better writer, I met fine folks and made good friends, and I had fun. It's a great organization, and I learned much from their programs, workshops, classes, conferences, and the contacts I made there. After a few years, I joined the board and soon after served for three years as an officer of SWW, trying to give a little back to the organization while still benefiting and still having fun.

I've missed my regular contact with SWW since we moved away, but I'm a lifetime member and stay in touch. For all you writers out there, even if you're nowhere near Albuquerque, their monthly online newsletter, the SouthWest Sage, is a great resource, and it's free. This month, I'm proud to have an article about creating suspense in the November issue of the SouthWest Sage. To view this issue of the Sage, click the SWW logo or CLICK HERE

And while we're on the subject of creating suspense, I recently created some suspense in the latest issue of my Horror with Heart Newsletter by holding a Trick-and-Treat contest. The winner receives an autographed paperback copy of my paranormal thriller, Dark Knowledge. Yesterday, on Halloween, I ended the suspense and announced the winner in the Halloween Howling Addendum to my newsletter.

The Goodreads give-a-way for a paperback copy of my paranormal thriller Struck also ended yesterday. 387 people from all over registered, and the winner is practically a neighbor in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's funny how sometimes things work out that way.

Seems like there's a national contest going on now that's creating some suspense, but I can't remember what it is right now because there's never anything about it on the news. Yeah, right. As much as I love creating suspense, I'll be toasting an end to it in five days.

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  1. We followed the first three debates, then I had to watch the last one by myself. Nobody else was game. Haha. Okay, it was a bit dry. I can imagine the whole country is glad it'll be over soon. Hope the best man wins.