Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coffee chat

Come chat with me over coffee this morning at Ally Shields' blog. Click the cup of java to visit Ally's urban fantasy blog. I hope you'll leave a comment there, telling me if you ever still percolate your coffee (as opposed to drip, press, or shot a cup through a one-cup machine.


  1. I'm off to visit Ally's blog. Hope you're having a super duper time.

  2. As Ally said, your viewing choices can be very revealing. In this instance it shows a huge sense of humour. Some of the programmes I don't know but of those I do, we share similar tastes. My additions might be Scrubs and perhaps Will and Grace but Big Bang I'm hooked on.
    Nice to know a little more about you.

  3. Howdy, Joylene. Yeah, having a fun day.

    Hi David. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I forgot about W & G. I watched that series in its entirely on Netflix. Fun stuff. I fizzled on Scrubs (or it fizzled on me) at some point, but I liked it at first. 3rd Rock from the Sun may be my favorite of all series.