Monday, October 29, 2012

Honoring a Monster

Monsters come in many forms. There's the monstrously misshapen but initially kind creature who is turned into a real monster by humanity's intolerance. There's the beautiful, seductive monster with sinister plans or unnatural and unholy appetites. There are human monsters, man-made monsters, reptilian monsters, alien monsters, demon monsters, dream monsters... There are just a whole heck of a lot of monsters hiding between the pages of a whole heck of a lot of novels out there. And now there's apparently a monster of a hurricane hybrid, Frankenstorm, lumbering toward the east coast. Best thoughts to everyone in its wide, wide path.

When monster can be defined in so many ways, how do you pick one as a favorite or the most terrifying or the most devious?

The difficulty of the decision makes me doubly quadruply proud that the very talented Joylene Nowell Butler, author of Dead Witness and Broken but not Dead, chose Dark Knowledge for her Monstrous Monday selection. Click the Monstrous Monday graphic to go to Joylene's blog to see what she had to say. Then bookmark her blog. It's truly a favorite of mine, even before it honored Dark Knowledge this way.


  1. Ah, thanks, Keith.

    And oh boy are you right. I'm meeting some very creepy icky monsters today on Tim's blogfest. Ooy, vey, creepy.

  2. Ha. I need to go meet some of those icky monsters too. Thanks, Joylene.