Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whisper in my ear - a horror writer's muse

Writers talk about their muses, and hey, I say if you've got one, good on you. I spend far too much effort plotting and scheming and re-plotting and rewriting and editing and editing and editing and editing... to believe there's a muse helping me tell my tale. I know where my stories come from -- my warped little brain. There's no muse for me. No way, no how.

Then this little fellow was captured in a picture of me at my desk during a plotting session for my work-in-progress.

Hmmm. Not exactly the image of a muse I see other writers envisioning for themselves, but the little bugger does seem to be whispering in my ear, doesn't he? And I do appear to be listening. Hmmm.

Okay, back to it. WE have plotting to do.


  1. Listen to him, Keith, and he shall lead you to the dark side.

    It's nice there. They have comfy chairs.

  2. He looks like he's quite content in his role. You might have to wine and dine him when the writer block hits :)

  3. Luke, I should have known you'd be there and already settled in. Thanks for the welcome!

    Sandy, I'd wine and dine him, but I'm not sure what he eats. And I'm not sure I want to know.

  4. Hmm, my first impulse is to yell, "Run, Keith, Run!"

    But the little "muse" and I use that word lightly, well, he's been there for you in the past, that's for sure.

    Ah, what the heck, listen.

  5. He probably eats the souls of puppies. Mine does.

    Heh, heh.

  6. thanks for sharing.