Saturday, July 28, 2012

Which way did he go?

I've been missing from my own blog lately, but that doesn't indicate boredom. Quite the opposite. Life activities ramped up in February when we decided to move within Tucson. And yes, we did just move here, as you might recall from earlier posts. And yes, we did work like dogs to fix up our new house until it was juuuuust the way we liked it. We loved it, in fact, so what happened?

A listing came open in the neighborhood that was our first choice when we moved here two years ago. Location is a big thing for us, and not only was the listing in a great area, convenient to everything, it had immediate access to the Rillito River Path, a well-maintained and beautiful 24 mile bike/walking/running path alongside the Rillito River banks. Since I run, we both bike, and my partner walks the dogs each morning, we knew we'd love living close to the path. Doing so was our dream, but when we moved to Tucson, nothing was available, at least nothing that appealed to us in our price range. Then this house came on the market, and it seemed to be everything we wanted. The listing even claimed "move in condition," magical words at this point in our lives--if they were really true.

We tried to ignore the house. We weren't planning to move again. We hadn't even seen the house, and listings are designed to emphasize the good, hide the bad. Something would be wrong with it. We scoured the other listings and were surprised we had no interest in seeing any other homes. None of them had the perfect combination of features, price, and location, location, location that could make us move. We had to stop thinking about this house, and there was only one way to accomplish that. We called our Realtor. We emphasized that we weren't really house shopping, we only wanted to take a glimpse at this one house so we could see what's wrong with it and quit obsessing.

About ten seconds after stepping inside, we knew we'd make an offer. It was even better suited for us than we'd imagined, and it truly was "move in condition." We weren't the only ones who noticed. The next day, the owner had an offer. By that night, they had two, one of them ours. We crossed our fingers... 

We got it! That meant we had to get our house in perfect salable condition, list it, sell it, and move. We were still recovering from the last move and fix up, but we did it. Timing was interesting in that we were about to leave on a long awaited transatlantic cruise that would disembark in Rome, the biggest, longest, most elaborate vacation we'd ever taken. We closed on the new house one day, left for our vacation early the next morning, returned three weeks later. We were exhausted and jet-lagged after 23 straight hours of traveling to get from the Rome hotel to our doorstep, and now we had four days to move all our stuff and clean up the house for the new owners. We got busy!

It's all been worthwhile. We love it here. My office is wonderful. Here's the view from my desk in the morning. 

I haven't had a view I've enjoyed so much since Vermont. And below is our principal summer survival equipment. We learned in the last house how much we use and enjoy a private pool, and this new one has already received plenty of use during this extra hot summer in the desert.

So I've been quiet on the blog but happy and busy in life. And now I'm writing again, which makes me even happier. I have some exciting news to report about a short story, but I'll save that for my next blog entry. It'll be good incentive for me to return to more regular blogging activities. 


  1. I'm so happy for you, Keith. The house looks divine. No wonder you guys loved it. Ah, a pool!

    I hope you have many many years of wonderful times in your new place. Can't wait to read your next book!

  2. Thanks, Joylene. We are incredibly happy here, so it was definitely worthwhile. You know I'm hoping for a smooth cross-country move for you and Ralph. Very exciting.

    Working on that next book now. Well, in about 30 seconds from now.