Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun with Fish Eye

Okay, I had a little time on my hands while waiting for a service man to arrive this morning, and I decided to figure out how I embossed a photo a couple years ago (click to refresh your memory). I figured it out, began playing around with other special effects options, and ended up with...Well, a series of modified pictures is worth a thousand modified words. I give you Fun with Fish Eye (and Circular Wave).

It's probably a good thing the service man came fairly early in the promised two hour window. Who knows what I might have come up with if I'd had more time? *shudder*


  1. oh, dear. Keith, don't take this the wrong way, but I think you have too much time on your hands. Maybe you need to go on a world trip??? Oh, and you need a guide [Jack] and a secretary [Joylene].

    While you talk to the service man, I'll go and pack.

  2. It did some weird things to your boobs. What's the program called again?

  3. Ha Joylene. And these are manly pecs, not boobs. *grin* It's not a program but an option inside a photo program, the kind that lets you resize, crop, lighten, sharpen, etc. photos. There's a special effects section with Fish Eye and emboss and circular wave and about a dozen other weird things you can do to a photo. I was using IrfanView, but I think most photo programs have the same special effects.