Friday, March 02, 2012

The San Diego Excursion

We took a car trip to San Diego this week. We've been meaning to since we moved to Tucson and realized it was a mere 6 hour car ride away. The weather tried to discourage us, turning cold and wet the day we arrived and never warming up (although it did dry out after day 1), but we had a great time anyway. We just did it while wearing jackets.

Our hotel was right on Pacific Beach, so we had great ocean views. One sunset in particular was spectacular. I watched instead of photographed, because the sun sets so quickly once the leading edge starts sinking into the ocean (or so it appears). But we did manage to snap some pictures -- interesting and very expensive homes in La Jolla, beach pictures, wild animals, San Diego Zoo animals, gardens, sights in Balboa Park, and more beach pictures. Here are a few.

Fountain in Balboa Park
Polar bear in SD Zoo

Me on the beach
Jack in front of Lath House

Giraffes in SD Zoo
Inside the "Lath House" in Balboa Park

Beach and cliffs
Orangutang in SD Zoo

Giant Panda
Beach hideout


  1. You on the beach is so darn cute. So nice to see you guys off doing the tourist thing. Yes, it's amazing how chilly it is on the ocean. Much too cold for me. I froze my buns off at night in Mexico, for heaven sake.

    Beautiful photos, Keith. But where's Jack?

  2. Thanks, Joylene. Yeah, it was good fun. I wasn't sure Jack liked me posting his picture on my blog, so I've refrained lately, but he informs me he doesn't mind a bit. Look again (or maybe click refresh). He's there now.