Monday, January 30, 2012

Writing Flash Fiction

If you place your tongue firmly in your cheek, you might call my novel Struck flash fiction. After all, it starts off like this:

But there really is such a thing as flash fiction. I wrote my first piece in a writing exercise/competition at one of the writers organizations I frequent. It was fun and challenging. I decided to write another piece to include in my upcoming Horror with Heart Newsletter (sample my last one HERE, subscribe using the gold box to the right). I'm having a blast with it. It now has four endings, and it's going to be a poll/challenge/contest combination for my newsletter subscribers. Yeah, I'm getting maximum use out of a 1000 word story, aren't I? Why not? I think it'll be fun.

As dumb luck and good timing would have it, talented author, editor, and publisher Anne Petty (Kitsune Books, check out their novels if you haven't before) posted some very helpful BLOG articles on writing flash fiction. If you're interested in writing flash fiction, here are the links to Anne's flash fiction posts. I'm sure you'll find them helpful too.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


  1. Thanks for the links, Keith. I'm definitely check them out once I get home. I'm leaving tomorrow. Flash fiction has always made me nervous.

  2. It's really fun, Joylene. Definitely different. You're probably about home by now, and I hope the long trip was uneventful and you're back safe and happy.