Saturday, December 03, 2011

Interview with a villain's maker

Jake Webb, clearly the bad boy of Above Haldis Notch, had his own interview a couple days ago on my publisher's BLOG. Now it's my turn. I chose the high road and didn't threaten Jake in return for his "stuff my mouth" comment.

I'm very happy to be Amaleen Ison's guest. She posts great interviews, and now I know how she pulls so much information out of writers.Check the interview out by clicking the image below.

I hope you'll stop by. There's a comment trail, and I'll stop by periodically today, so feel free to say hello or ask a question (like "Okay, just how does Amaleen pull so much information out of writers?").


  1. Such a pleasure to host your interview, Keith. You made my job easy, and I just love the photo's you provided :-) You can growl at me any day.

  2. Thanks, Amaleen. I had a blast, and I'm glad I have an outlet for growling. Hold one in too long, and it becomes a groan.