Friday, November 25, 2011

Release day for Above Haldis Notch

WooHoo! Release day is finally here, and it feels great to have a fresh novel on the market. It's been over two years since the original release of my second published novel, Dark Knowledge. But Now Above Haldis Notch joins the marketplace. And believe me, it lives up to the brand, Horror with Heart. There's a lot of heart in this novel, and it just might scare you too.

I've always loved this novel and the characters in it. It's kind of my tribute to the decade I lived in Vermont, a great time in my life. There's been a lot of work going into getting the novel all gussied up and ready for sale. Musa Publishing did a great job. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I was very pleased with the editing. I love the formatting, the way it looks on an e-reader (or in .pdf if you read on the computer screen), and the cover's fantastic.

It's available for $4.99 at Musa Publishing's website, where you can also read a summary and an excerpt. Same price at Amazon's site, where you can read a nice long excerpt using "look inside." You can read the prologue on my website, and today, my BLOG post, A Tale of Two Notches, is up on Musa Publishing's BLOG to give a little background and insight into the novel.

So there are plenty of opportunities to sample before you turn loose of that $4.99 to purchase. If it looks good to you and you read it, I'd love to hear your impressions.

I'll email a new issue of my Horror with Heart newsletter to subscribers in a few days, sharing some inside information behind and inside the novel. If you're not subscribed but want to be, look at the top right portion of this site and use that gold box to sign up. I'll also post a link to view the newsletter online once it's been emailed to subscribers.

Thanks for letting me crow. Release Day is a BIG DAY for us authors. WooHoo!


  1. I'm so happy for you, my dear friend. Go get 'em!

  2. Thanks, Joylene. I remember you going over the early draft, my first critique, as usual. Your comments and encouragement always help me so much. Geeze, that was a few years ago. Good thing we know how to hang in there.

  3. Congrats, Keith. This is on my list of to be read books. Looking forward to it.

  4. Hey thanks, Luke. I'm expecting some good reading material from you soon too.