Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Above Haldis Notch available for pre-order

Physical death is tragic, but the
death of a spirit is a life lost forever

The folks at Musa Publishing did a great job with my novel. I love my cover, and I'm thrilled with my editor and the way Above Haldis Notch has been groomed for publication.

I've been lucky with editors, and Bri, my editor for this novel, certainly continued my streak. It energizes me when my editor and I team up with the common goal to make my novel stronger and to get rid of every little (or big) thing we can find that might jolt a reader out of my story. It's even better when trust is developed between author and editor, and that trust was established early and did nothing but grow as the process continued.

So here's a big thank you kiss to great editors everywhere.


And now that my novel is in its final revisions and coming down the home stretch, exactly one month away from its official release day, I'm pleased to announce that it's now available for pre-order from the publisher for $4.99. Go to the Above Haldis Notch webpage at Musa Publishing by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to specify which eBook format you want. And a bonus tip: Look around at the other Musa titles while you're there. 


  1. I'm so happy for you, Keith. I put one in the cart and now I just need to figure out how to pay. Best of luck with sales.

  2. Howdy, Joylene. Thanks. You're probably my very first sale on this one. WooHoo!

    I'm reading you now. In fact, I went to bed, woke up a few hours later, and read some more in the wee hours.

    That's a good sign, right? hehehe