Monday, August 22, 2011

My Excellent Month

I've had a very good month. I issued an email newsletter last week announcing the release of Dark Knowledge and my news that I have a new novel scheduled for release around Thanksgiving. I pasted a section of the "Yippees Come in Threes" issue of my Horror with Heart Newsletter below. If you're not a subscriber and want to read the newsletter in its entirety (aren't you just a little curious about the insider info on Dark Knowledge?), you can view the online version by CLICKING HERE.

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Hello subscribers. Since I visited your in-boxes two months ago with the "The Return of Wesley" issue, I've had lots of good news, and I'm here to share some of it. Also, as threatened, I'm including some insider info on Dark Knowledge. But first, I need to release the yippees.
Yippee from the Past

When lightning comes calling,
you're going to answer.

came out in paperback two years ago. Now Regal Crest has made it available as an eBook too. Yippee!

If you've been waiting to read Struck and still have room in your Kindle for another novel, I hope you'll consider it. Struck is my award-winning paranormal thriller set in Albuquerque, a fictional pueblo, and the Anasazi ruins in Chaco Canyon. There are some great reviews on Amazon (where, by the way, you can also purchase a paperback or Kindle eBook).
Yippee for Now
When good and bad intertwine, taking one means accepting the other.

Dark Knowledge
is available again! Yes, I cleverly timed this newsletter to the release day because I'm so thrilled to have this novel out as an eBook again. And just look its amazing new cover. A larger image is posted on my BLOG here. Yippee!

Thanks to Etopia Press for giving new life to this horror with heart novel. Adding extra yip to my yippee, there will be a paperback edition too. I'll keep you posted on that.
More info and some reviews are ON MY WEBSITE.
Yippee into the Future
My home for ten years in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Above Haldis Notch
is under contract, which means more Horror with Heart is headed your way. Musa Publishing is working incredibly hard to make it available this year as an eBook, with the possibility of a paperback in the future. The tentative eBook release date is November 25, 2011. Yippee!

In Above Haldis Notch, two neighboring families--one loving and respected in the community, the other made dysfunctional by abuse and scandal--must join forces to save a small Vermont town from a threat that jeopardizes not only their lives but also their afterlives.

Tense, huh? Yeah, well just wait until you read it.


  1. August 2011 will go down in history as the beginning of many great things to come. Congratulations, Keith!