Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Horror Author's Got Posse

Everyone needs buds to hang out with, even us horror authors. Meet my posse.

With me are (left to right)
Targ, Igor, Balthazar, and Emmett.

We watch.

Don't cross us!

Note how Targ resembles the cover of Dark Knowledge. Hey, even gargoyles have kismet.


  1. [wants gargoyles of her own]

  2. Me or the other gargoyles, Joylene?

    Nerine, be careful. Once you start...
    I began by getting little, dense Igor to replace a rock we used as a gate stop. Then I decided I HAD to have thoughtful, watchful Emmett to guard the pool. He's so great! Then I HAD to have Balthazar for my office. Then I HAD to have the fierce and ever-ready Targ watching the front entrance. A fifth is already on his way to join Balthazar in my office...

  3. Right on! I have three little gargoyles. One is a soft stuffed cuddly one and not very scary. LOL

  4. I have five now, Amanda. Three outside and two in my office, along with a few gargoylesque bookends. Ha. They range from fierce and ready for action to thoughtful and ready for action.