Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cruising Alaska

We returned home from a great Alaskan cruise a week ago. We've wanted to cruise Alaska for years, so this was a nice fulfillment for us. We sailed on Holland America's Oosterdam, and it was a wonderful experience. Impressive ship, fantastic staff, great ports, and happy passengers all made it a fun time. And then there's Alaska. Wow! We left from Seattle, cruised up Glacier Bay, and stopped in Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan. Our last night, we also stopped for a few hours in Victoria, BC.

It rained a lot. Okay, almost continuously, but we expected it, so it wasn't a problem. We were lucky with our excursions. We took a float plane in Juneau that flew over several glaciers. It was cloudy, but the cloud cover helped bring out the blue in the glaciers.

The cloud cover helped bring out the blue in the glaciers of Glacier Bay too. We saw -- and heard -- some impressive calving.

Ketchikan was charming with its totem poles and water and trees taking advantage of the short growing season. Reminded me of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont somewhat.

Onboard, we had great meals, great shows, spas, talented musicians, new friendships, and the Filipino part of the crew (crew was either Filipino or Indonesian) even entertained us one day with a show.

It was a great time, definitely worth the wait.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the trip, Keith. Alaska is a beautiful place. I love to tell friends, "Took a look at Tok and took off."

    We also drove the top of the world highway. Breathtaking.

  2. Thanks, Joylene. We alighted for Alaska and aliked it. Okay, that wasn't nearly as good as yours. Maybe I can do something with Ketchikan....