Tuesday, February 08, 2011

HWH Newsletter Issue #6 is out!

All subscribers to my Horror With Heart Newsletter should now have a horror story and a half in their in-boxes. I hope you all enjoy "Finger Food" with the original and alternate Valentine endings.

I don't plan to post this issue online like I have other newsletters, but it's not too late to receive a copy. I'll forward Issue #6, Feeding the Spirit of Valentine, to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter through February 14th. To subscribe, enter your name and email address in the gold box to the right. 

And to those of you who've questioned whether it'll be hard to fall asleep with "Finger Food" on your mind, just keep your hands under the covers and ignore any skritching sounds coming from behind your bed. You'll be fine.

Thanks again to my subscribers for the encouragement and support. Sure means a lot to me.


  1. That was great, Keith!! I read it yesterday and still managed to sleep with my hand hanging out. I feel a little tingly this morning, but it's kind of nice!

  2. Thanks for the stories, Keith. You give me a sense of the world that I doubt I would have without you.

  3. Ha, Alyssa. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Drink plenty of fluids.

    Thanks, Joylene. Proud to expand your world like you expand mine.