Thursday, February 03, 2011

Feeding the Valentine's Day spirit

I'm working on a seasonal surprise for the subscribers of my Horror with Heart Newsletter. It's a horror story, because if you're like me, nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a horror story.

I think my story "Finger Food" is just about perfect for the season. It's about a compassionate loner who takes care of a strange and hungry pet. That's kind of touching, right? Warms the heart? That's what I thought. So early next week, to help get folks in the Valentine's Day spirit, I decided to send out a newsletter featuring "Finger Food".

Then I got to thinking. With the storms and snow and record cold temperatures lately, we all may have to work a little harder than usual to feel the Valentine glow this year. And because my newsletter subscribers are so special to me, I've decided to go one better than sharing "Finger Food." I'm including an alternate, Valentine's Day ending for those who like things really sweet.

If you already subscribe to my Horror with Heart Newsletter, I hope you'll enjoy my Valentine's Day offering, both the original and sweet versions. If you're not a subscriber and want to be, it takes about 10 seconds. Go to the gold box near the top right of this blog, fill in your email address and name, and click the submit button. That's it. I typically send out 3 or 4 newsletters a year, your email address isn't shared, and if you change your mind, unsubscribing is even simpler than subscribing. Each newsletter has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

I look forward to visiting your inbox next week to tell you a story and a half.


  1. How can such a sweet guy be so scary!

  2. Aw thanks, Joylene, for the sweet remark and the scary one. Ha. (and Boo!)

  3. I'll never look at chocoate the same way again. Thanks??? -Judy

  4. Ha. Thanks, Judy. One bite and you'll be back to your chocolate loving self again.