Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Speculative fiction contest at ChiZine Publications

ChiZine Publications, a Toronto based small press, is holding a contest for speculative fiction and speculative poetry. I don't have the expertise to endorse or discourage any particular contest, but this one looks interesting to me, interesting enough that I've selected an excerpt of about 7,000 words to use if I decide to enter. Click the CZP logo to the left to go to their website, where rules, details, and entry information are listed.

Let me know if you enter. Maybe that'll encourage me further.


  1. I'll pass the info along, Keith. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks, Joylene. I read one of their books fairly recently. Good stuff.

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    @Horror With Heart - Glad you liked the book. Which one did you read?

  4. Hey CZP, thanks for stopping in. I read Monstrous Affections. Really enjoyed it.