Saturday, December 18, 2010

Florida & Caribbean Cruise Vacation, part 2

As promised, here are some pictures and words about the Caribbean cruise part of our recent vacation. We sailed on the Celebrity Solstice, which carries nearly 3000 passengers in addition to crew. It's a grand ship with some spectacular common areas.

Me in San Juan, posing with the ship
Looking down

The grand staircase
The upper deck has over 1/2 acre of real grass

We had a wonderful time, onboard and off. In St. Thomas, we put on what look like spaceman suit head bubbles filled with air and rode scooters 8' below the ocean surface. It was great fun and a good way to see a shipwreck below us and fish all around. In St. Maarten (or St. Martin, depending on which half of the island you're on), I went zip-lining in the rain forest. I can prove it, thanks to a hidden camera planted in the trees which took my photo. We also dressed up nice for formal night, another thing I can prove thanks to all the photographers stationed around the ship that night.

We like cruises. I toy with the idea of writing a novel set on a haunted cruise ship. I've begun outlining it more than once, but I've never been excited enough about the outline to begin writing. I'm getting closer though. My ulterior motive is that the novel will sell well enough that a major cruise line will put me up for multiple cruises while I give talks on the book or hold writing tip classes or whatever.

Sounds fun, right? I do wonder how big I'd get after eating fantastic cruise food for a month or two. Maybe those trees I zip-lined between have a weight limit. Or maybe the cable does. I'd hate to end my zip-lining days so soon.

Aw well, maybe I should hold off worrying about those type things until I come up with a haunted ship outline that juices me up enough to write the novel. Hmm, where did I file that outline?

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