Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Tucson house takes shape

Some pictures as the house we bought in Tucson is transformed into our home. Things are coming together nicely now. We had all the carpet replaced with tile and wood laminate, we had new lighting fixtures installed, all switches and outlets replaced, new ones installed. We had ceiling fans installed everywhere (not easy in a house with no attic or pre-wiring). Today Jack and I installed a cabinet in the kitchen and worked in that room until we can see what it will become. We're pleased. My office is coming together well. We dined for the first time at our new dining room table. We have a living room. We have all sorts of furniture. Appliances are on order. We whacked back at the overgrown back yard and are making maintenance strides on the pool. Whew, a busy 3 weeks.

Now some photos:

New living area (in progress) with new tiled floors

Old hall lighting/new hall lighting

Old stair landing lighting/new stair landing lighting

Old porch lighting/new porch lighting

Yard views at first light of day

New front door lighting

Newly tiled stairs, to lower landing and upper (ignore lighting variances. It is the same tile).

Same old dogs, same old me


  1. You may be the same old dog, but you're as cute as a bunny!

    Congrats on the lovely home. You're making it your own, and that's wonderful. Hope you and Jack are very happy there.

  2. Joylene, you sure know how to make my day. We just love it here so far. Every day we realize again what a great decision we made to move to Tucson and to buy this house in this neighborhood. Things are just *right*. Yay.