Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to celebrate a round day

Happy 10-10-10 Day!

What will you be doing (or what were you doing, depending on when you read this) at 10:10 AM on 10-10-10? I'm thinking that since it's so many nice round numbers, I should celebrate by getting rounder. Maybe I'll munch down on chocolate eclairs with one of those high-end, ultra-high calorie coffee-ish specialty drinks. That ought to soften a few of my edges.

However you celebrate this round event, hope you enjoy. It won't come round (hehehe) again for quite some time.


  1. Our youngest phoned at 10 this morning. I asked him if he understood the significance of the hour, and he said no. Well, someone did.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Keith.

  2. Heh! I figured it out yesterday morning when I was typing up my status and figured out 10.10.10.

    Next year we'll still have 11.11.11.