Sunday, September 26, 2010

Live from Tucson

We're here!

Our move from Albuquerque to Tucson was anything but smooth, but we made it. I'd have posted something sooner, but we had very limited internet access for the last month plus. The buyer of our Albuquerque home had ongoing problems with his loan that set things back 5 or 6 weeks. He had plenty of money, but his job isn't a typical kind of employment, and in these banking times... Anyway, when this problem surfaced, we had already sold all our furniture, cleared out our house, and we were all set to move. So it was a major complication for us, especially as it dragged on and on, but through it all, our buyer kept faith in us, we kept faith in him, and that mutual respect kept us all going until the deal was complete. We're so grateful he hung in there.

Huge thanks to our friend for letting us stay in his house with our dogs. What was supposed to be a two night stay turned into a month plus residence. If it's true house guests are like fish and get stinky after 3 days, you can imagine how rank we got as the weeks rolled on.

But now we're here. We're thankful we made it, and we feel incredibly lucky to have the friend and buyer we had to help us through it all. We love our new home, our new community, and Tucson. The frustration of the helpless, extended wait, always with the risk of everything falling through, is already fading into the place were bad memories go. There are way too many positive things to concentrate on to let past frustrations get us down.

After all, we're here, reporting live from Tucson.


  1. This was meant to be! Welcome to AZ neighbor. You'll enjoy Tucson. Friendly and nice place.

  2. Ruth Friesen9/26/2010 6:42 PM

    Wonderful that everything finally fell into place after all that turmoil!

  3. Thanks, Autumnforest, new neighbor. We love it here already!

    Hi Ruth. We're so lucky and happy it all worked out, especially after the lengthy delays.

  4. I'm so glad everything worked out. You are going to build wonderful memories there, Keith. Here's to good health, fun times, and lots of great meals. I'm so happy for you and Jack.