Friday, June 04, 2010

Fun with Wordle

I've been playing. I found this site called Wordle. You feed in a document, large or small, and it spits out a word cloud. The larger the word is in the word cloud, the more times it appeared in the document. I made a word cloud for my paranormal horror novel Daeva, and here's what I got.

Obviously, my characters' names are the most used words (other than words like "and," "the," "a,".... Wordle eliminates those for you).

I found it kind of interesting, so I fed in my paranormal suspense/thriller Struck.

Again, the names dominate. For my paranormal thriller Dark Knowledge, I didn't include the proper names. Here's the resulting word cloud.

Excluding proper names, I'm not surprised to see prominent words like eyes, time, something, or looked. I'm not surprised to see pueblo in Struck's cloud or demon and mind in Daeva's cloud. But I am surprised all three novel clouds show back as a prominent word. Odd.

Knowing myself the way I do, I'm sure I'll look into it further. I just can't help myself.


  1. I'm definitely going to check this out. Thanks, Keith.

  2. Joylene, it is fascinating. Of course my nemesis, "just," appears in too large a font to make me happy. I've actually done Word searches to evaluate each use of that word, and a few others, in an entire novel. Sometimes "just" is JUST the right word, I guess.