Monday, January 25, 2010

Animals of routine

About five months ago, I was cooling down from a run on the treadmill, trying to keep my energy up, and I began clapping to a song playing on my iPod. To my surprise and amusement, our Siberian Husky, Tripp, howled along with my clapping. I thought it might be a one-time thing, so I rushed into my office, used my computer's built-in camera to capture the video, and posted it as a blog entry.

Well, it wasn't a one-time thing, far from it. All I have to do is clap, and Tripp sings along. He can be camera shy about it, but my partner caught him on video yesterday.

I climb on the treadmill 4 or 5 times a week, and now Tripp lies right beside me for 20 minutes while I run, waiting for his cue. I wear earplugs, so he can't hear the music, but now I make a point to clap to the beat during cool-down.

As this video shows, Tasia sometimes joins in. Sweet Tasia only howls because Tripp does, but Tripp clearly interacts with me. He often stares right at me, and I can see his tongue doing different things as he tests new sounds. He matches the intensity of his singing to the intensity of my clapping.

After my treadmill dismount, Tripp comes for his reward: a full-body rubdown, starting at his head. He arches his back, tail curved over it, every time. Tripp and I are both animals of routine, and the cool-down and rubdown are by far the best part of my runs. I'm glad he enjoys them too.


  1. This is so precious. Your dogs are adoreable, Keith. I played the video loud so I could see what Bandit would do. He didn't wake up. LOL

  2. Aren't they funny? Tripp stares right into my eyes, like he tends to do, and just sings along. Occasionally he just throws back his head and howls for a few seconds. Then again, so do I.