Thursday, October 01, 2009

WooHoo! for Struck's Midwest Book Review

Struck received a great, comprehensive review from talented author and Midwest Book Reviewer Aaron Paul Lazar.

The review isn't up on Struck's Amazon page or the Midwest Book Review site yet, but it's already posted in full here: STRUCK: a brilliant paranormal thriller (I must add that I love the title of that article *smile*).

Here are just a couple snippets from the review (that include a couple snippets from the novel):
Against a backdrop of ancient pueblo ruins, slumbering volcanoes that unpredictably awaken, and bizarre disturbances in Chaco Canyon, Pyeatt introduces characters with great depth and a subtle touch of humor... Pyeatt’s writing style is easy to swallow, yet innovative with strong poetic influences.

“It only took a moment until he got the sensation of being folded into a deep mixture of past and present that carried him far away from the kiva, far away from his body. He was cocooned somewhere, safe and warm and dark, yet all around him dozens of individual battles raged. Barry only sensed them, but it was enough to recognize their struggles. Life fought death, winter resisted spring, and chaos tugged at order.”


The story and characters are mesmerizing, but it was actually the writing that made me sit up and take notice:

“Pain pierced his lungs, as if the air he breathed had alchemized into something powdery and rough, toxic and thirsty. The agony spread. He couldn’t stop it. Every cell in his body pulled at the poison, needing it, expecting it to provide oxygen as before.”

See what I mean?

My publisher has included Struck in a Halloween Special, $4.00 off list price. Click here to take advantage of this deal.

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