Saturday, July 18, 2009

STRUCK Review, Echo Magazine

[STRUCK] is a highly original novel that defies description as one particular genre, including paranormal events, gay romance, science fiction, coming of age, Native American customs and spirituality, with extreme psychological twists. The characterizations are realistic and well-written, and the story draws in the reader with outstanding suspense and plot development.

--Bob Lind, Echo Magazine


  1. Guess you're kinda ho-hum 'bout dat??? Kidding of course. Congratulations. Way to go.

  2. Yeah, I was pleased with my first magazine review. It's a Phoenix and area magazine, and I think the issue with the review comes out in late August.

  3. The review is absolutely right on, Mr. Pyeatt. Couldn't have written a better review if I tried. ...

    Except, they forget to mention that an outstanding first novel by an exceptionally gifted writer.

  4. Aw, thanks, Joylene. I may just have to tack your addition on, attributed to you, of course. *smile*