Monday, July 20, 2009

Discounts, discounts everywhere

My publisher has STRUCK (and all other books) at a deep discount right now. This is a conference special made available to online shoppers in advance. Great book deals, great shipping rates, and a great way to support a small press. CLICK HERE to see the STRUCK price, but shop around and pick up other great deals.

Amazon has kept STRUCK at a good discount so far. The deal changes from time to time, but if you're an Amazon shopper, here's the Amazon link.

For my Candian friends, STRUCK was 28% off the last time I checked, selling at CDN $16.85 at

And Barnes & Noble has it at a nice discount too. Check it B&N here.

How's that for options? And if you need any more encouragement to buy a copy, just see for yourself how riveting STRUCK is.

Thanks to my multi-talented friend Judy Avila for this cartoon. I love it.


  1. Any book signings set? The next one I do I'm going to give a book away. I think promotions are a great way to draw a crowd.

  2. Thanks, Joylene. Yeah, I have 4 appearances scheduled where I can also sell books, and I'm working on other ways to get the word out too. I'll keep the book give-a-way in mind. Thanks.

  3. Release date's the 10th right? That's today - right? Thought I'd stop by with a high 5. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the high 5, Dave. Big day yesterday, and this evening is a celebratory bbq with champagne.

  5. LOVE the cartoon! Great job, Judy.

  6. Great celebration last night, Keith. So glad you liked the cartoon. I love seeing it "published" on the net!!! (And thanks for the comment, Lynn.)