Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sequoias R Us

Jack and I just returned from a Tucson vacation. We loved it there. Judging by our pictures, what we loved most were the sequoia cacti.

We took pictures of sequoia standing alone.

Pictures of sequoias as part of a scene.

Pictures of Jack in front of a sequoia.

Pictures of me in front of a sequoia.

And we didn't even care if one was dead and decaying. In fact, it looks like that's the kind I relate to best.

Should I be worried?


  1. Great pics. Should you be worried? Nah. It's the cactus that should be worried.

  2. My head hurts from this afternoon's run-in with a cactus. To clarify - It hurts from a derivative of a cactus - the one used to make tequila. My wife has a friend living in Tuscon that has a cactus garden. I wouldn't wanna have to pull weeds around those things.

  3. I've suffered that cactus derivative too. Goes down much too easy to hurt so, so bad. I'd rather pull weeds in a cactus garden.