Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Booksignings can be fun?

With a book or two coming out soon, I sometimes think of--and dread mightily--upcoming book signings. The thought of sitting like a pariah in a bookstore cubbyhole as people hide their eyes as they scuttle by sends shivers up my spine. But is there a rule that says book signing events can't be fun?

Friends Melody Groves and Ron Perea say "no."

We took this shot of them Friday in Old Town, Albuquerque. When Melody isn't slinging a gun in her role as gunfighter, she writes wonderful western novels and western non-fiction about rodeos and bars and no telling what else. Ron is the quiet, shy type. NOT! He can hear a camera click from 100 yards away and still make it into the picture. He's a stand up comic, author of Smiles, Giggles, and Laughs, and is deeply involved in play productions. Combined, these two authors prove book signings don't have to be dreaded events.

Whew! Good to know.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My author's page at Lyrical Press

I feel I've been officially accepted into the Lyrical Press family. I have an author's page on the website. My novel's cover is not yet designed, but I've learned the tentative release date for DARK KNOWLEDGE is October 19th.

To visit my author's webpage, click the logo below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ain't technology grand?

Today I ordered a new laptop (IdeaPad) to replace my beloved and reliable, but now frustratingly slow, 5 year old ThinkPad. Some numbers in comparison:
  • RAM memory: 8 times more (500 MB to 4 GB)
  • hard drive memory: 10 times more
  • battery life: 25% longer
  • screen size: 10% larger
  • weight: 25% lighter
  • cost: 20% LESS expensive

Amazing. Once I have blazing speed and deep memory, I wonder if I'll write novels faster? Or blog more often? Time will tell.