Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surfing the paranormal

Do you like reading stories about paranormal activities?

I do. Since my novels all include a paranormal element, you could probably guess that. I have a few websites bookmarked. A favorite is my friend Cullan Hudson's blog called STRANGE STATE. Cullan updates frequently, covers a wide range of stories, and adds interesting commentary. This website links to a list of livejournal paranormal-themed communities, arranged in order of last update.

Once I start surfing, I'm rarely methodical. I stumble around following links, seeing what catches my eye and matches my mood. Occassionally I find something that makes a nerve tingle or triggers an idea or two I can use in my fiction. That means I can justify my time spent paranormal surfing as research.

If you answered yes to my original question, I'll leave you with another: What types of paranormal stories do you find the most interesting?


  1. Have you viewed the new series, Life on Mars, yet? It's about a detective hit by a car in 2008 and wakes up in 1973. Interesting premise. Plus Karvey Kartel is the LT.

    The other one is Dollhouse. It's the secret organization that wipes young men and women's minds and inplants personalities that are then hired by clients to fulfill whatever, sometimes desires, sometimes clandestine jobs.

  2. They sound cool, Joylene. I can't wait until they hit Netflix. That's the only tv I can watch anymore. I think I'm allergic to commercials. Ha.

    No problem, Cullan. I enjoy the heck out of your blog.