Thursday, March 12, 2009

Entering the world of eBooks with DARK KNOWLEDGE

I'm thrilled to announce that the fine people at Lyrical Press will be bringing my novel DARK KNOWLEDGE to an eBook reader near you. DARK KNOWLEDGE is the psychological, paranormal thriller I describe as Flowers for Algernon with a Dean Koontz twist.

I've been watching Lyrical Press for some time. Their website caught my eye first, then their covers, their books, their sales, their relationships with authors... My research kept turning up good news. My next step was to decide how I felt about electronic publishing, and it didn't take long to get excited about that too.

So after monitoring and pondering for months, I queried with high hopes. A week later, we had a deal. Such a quick and enthusiastic response from Lyrical Press piled excitement on top of excitement, and I'm still beaming a week later.

I hope you'll join me in all this exited fun and watch for the release of DARK KNOWLEDGE. I'll write more about my novel and this new (for me) process of electronic publishing in later blog posts. But let me end this one by writing: WooHoo!

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