Saturday, March 28, 2009

Detailed dreams

Last night I dreamt I entered a room from the dark, and it was so bright I couldn't crack my eyes open against the light. The room was familiar but neglected for a long time. I smelled dust...and some similar odor I recognized but couldn't yet identify. I needed to stay there for hours--to rest, I think--but I suspected rattlesnakes lurked. They were what I smelled with the dust. I strained my ears, knowing exactly the sound I was listening for, but I couldn't heard them. I tried again to open my eyes, but they wouldn't adjust to the glare, and it was too painful. My dog (a German Shepherd mix that died over a year ago) was with me. I didn't want her bitten, so I squatted and kept her pressed against my side. She was warm and soft against me.

My dreams are vivid, and it's easy to understand why. I see colors (if I can open my eyes), feel textures, hear familiar sound, and smell the slightest aroma. That's a good lesson to remember when I write. If I want my fiction to be as vivid as my dreams, incorporate the senses.

Now if I could only get my dreams to finish plotting novels for me--in a way that still makes sense when I'm awake--I'd have it made.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surfing the paranormal

Do you like reading stories about paranormal activities?

I do. Since my novels all include a paranormal element, you could probably guess that. I have a few websites bookmarked. A favorite is my friend Cullan Hudson's blog called STRANGE STATE. Cullan updates frequently, covers a wide range of stories, and adds interesting commentary. This website links to a list of livejournal paranormal-themed communities, arranged in order of last update.

Once I start surfing, I'm rarely methodical. I stumble around following links, seeing what catches my eye and matches my mood. Occassionally I find something that makes a nerve tingle or triggers an idea or two I can use in my fiction. That means I can justify my time spent paranormal surfing as research.

If you answered yes to my original question, I'll leave you with another: What types of paranormal stories do you find the most interesting?

Friday, March 20, 2009

New blurb for STRUCK

I try not to get carried away and post here every time I get revved up about something that happens as STRUCK -- and now DARK KNOWLEDGE -- moves through the publishing process. Really, I do. But everything's new and exciting for me, and today is an equinox, and the equinox is a huge factor in STRUCK.

So that's my justification for posting my new blurb, graciously given to me by author Greg Lilly.

"Keith Pyeatt is a combination of Tony Hillerman, Anne Rice, and Stephen King who intertwines the legends and mysticism of the Southwest with a jolt of energy and thrills. From the first page, he keeps a low rumble of danger on the horizon, but the approaching storm still catches you by surprise."

--Greg Lilly, author of Devil's Bridge and Fingering the Family Jewels

There's an added wow factor for me in the blurb. Part of my process in deciding whether or not to query a publisher is to check out their product. The novel I bought to check out Regal Crest was Greg Lilly's Fingering the Family Jewels. Not only was I impressed with the quality of the product, I loved the writing, characters, and story (purchase one of Greg's novels and see for yourself). So I submitted my novel, and now we're both Regal Crest authors. Then he went the extra mile and agreed to read STRUCK. You can imagine how thrilled I am with his impression.

Thanks, Greg!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Entering the world of eBooks with DARK KNOWLEDGE

I'm thrilled to announce that the fine people at Lyrical Press will be bringing my novel DARK KNOWLEDGE to an eBook reader near you. DARK KNOWLEDGE is the psychological, paranormal thriller I describe as Flowers for Algernon with a Dean Koontz twist.

I've been watching Lyrical Press for some time. Their website caught my eye first, then their covers, their books, their sales, their relationships with authors... My research kept turning up good news. My next step was to decide how I felt about electronic publishing, and it didn't take long to get excited about that too.

So after monitoring and pondering for months, I queried with high hopes. A week later, we had a deal. Such a quick and enthusiastic response from Lyrical Press piled excitement on top of excitement, and I'm still beaming a week later.

I hope you'll join me in all this exited fun and watch for the release of DARK KNOWLEDGE. I'll write more about my novel and this new (for me) process of electronic publishing in later blog posts. But let me end this one by writing: WooHoo!