Thursday, February 26, 2009

STRUCK Update: Distant Thunder

Do you love a good thunderstorm?

Like most folks living in the high desert of the southwest, I do. This area always needs moisture, so even a glimpse of a distant thunderhead or the faintest rumble of faraway thunder creates hope that this storm will pass over us. And when one does, it's usually dramatic, with plummeting temperatures, dark angry skies, and wild winds. Sometimes there's hail, and, of course, always the lightning and thunder.

I seem to anticipate the release of my novel STRUCK in the same way I anticipate a thunderstorm. Maybe it's because a thunderstorm in the first scene provides the initial burst of energy that propels readers into the novel. Or maybe I'm hoping its release will be dramatic, with positive reviews, happy satisfied readers, and brisk sales. For whatever reason, if STRUCK's release really was a thunderstorm, in quiet moments these days, I can hear the first distant rumblings.

I was extremely fortunate to score Rick R. Reed as my editor. I'm a big fan of Rick's writing; he's an acclaimed author for very good reasons. I quickly learned he's just as talented as an editor. So now my manuscript's stronger, I've sent my publisher all the other odds and ends she needs from me, and Regal Crest is getting STRUCK all prettied up to become a real novel.

On top of that excitement, Rick sent me this blurb to use:

"A skillful melding of Native American mythology and suspense is what you'll find once you start reading Keith Pyeatt's STRUCK. And, once you start reading, you'll also find you can't stop. Masterful storytelling from a new author you're sure to hear from again!"

--Rick R. Reed, author of IM and Deadly Vision

Yep, I definitely hear thunder now.


  1. All aquiver with antici -- pation.

  2. This is so exciting, Keith. I'm expecting big, big things for you, my friend. Wave at me when you're on Larry King.

  3. I'm all a'anti with quiverpation, but then, I've always been a little different.

    I'm just trying to keep up with you, Joylene, so you'll wave at me from Larry King.