Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spot the dog

Fall brings memories of Vermont. Ten autumns there, and you'd think I'd have some breathtaking foliage shots to share. I looked. I don't. I guess I was always too awestruck to take pictures. I get that way sometimes. Real life is always better than pictures anyway. At least better than my pictures.

One thing I noticed going through my Vermont photos is how my dog managed to get in so many. Often it was intentional. She was an excellent subject and never worried about which was her good side. And I loved her, so naturally I wanted pictures. But sometimes she just showed up.

Here's the dog, my Nicky, gone now but forever remembered. She's in her glory days here, waiting for me to come play. This shot featured her, obviously. But sometimes...

I'd take a picture of the cabin in sunlight, and there she'd be.

I'd take a picture of the cabin at night, and look who's looking back.

Sometimes she's harder to find than others, which leads me to the title of this post. No, it's not Spot, the dog. It's spot the dog, like a game. Can you?


  1. Lovely pics, Keith. That Nicky, what a dog. And yes, I see her in the last picture. ROUGH to spot, though. I won't give it away for other spotters...

  2. Ah what a cutie, with her nose pressed up to the glass. Looks like she's wondering why dad's outside if she's stuck inside.

    You had a beautiful home, Keith. I understand how you feel. But it's nice to look back and remember.

  3. Hmm. No, I can't find her. Is she blending with the furniture?

  4. hehehe. Once you spot the dog, you can't look at the picture without seeing her. Or I can't.

    Hint (**and spoiler alert**): Look up at that first shot of her with the ball in her mouth, study the face, then look for that.

  5. Hee hee! Its like playing Where's Waldo!

    That is such a beautiful cabin! What an incredibly skilled craftsman it took to make it! ;-)

  6. Thank you, Alyssa! We loved living there, and I'll always miss it. But then if we left Albuquerque, I'd always miss it too.