Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remembering Vermonters and Vermont

The past recently caught up with me in a very pleasant way. Two friends in Vermont I hadn't heard from in years got hold of me. What a treat. One sent pictures.

That's Jerry, who sent the pictures; my buddy Dave, who I remain in contact with regularly; Lois, the other friend I had the pleasure of reconnecting with recently; and me. This was in '96, so I was 39.

I loved my decade in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. My novel, ABOVE HALDIS NOTCH, is set there. In fact Haldis Notch in the novel is actually Hazen's Notch, which I could see from my cabin.

Somehow I've soared through this blog without mentioning the log cabin I designed, built, and lived in for a decade in Vermont. Here's a photo of the cabin. I'll be sure to include more photos and mention of Vermont in the future. That's where I started writing and where I wrote my first four novels.

Here's another photo Jerry sent, us at a picnic way back in the summer of '94.

I was about as thin as I get, but I was also in the middle of building that cabin, so I was strong enough to wrestle a bear. At least I felt like I was. I had a chance to test that claim one night as I walked from the site of my half-built cabin to the 1972 fifth wheel camper I called home during construction. The bear I met might have been willing, but I was too tired to wrestle, so we just growled at each other and went our separate ways.

So that's my recent trip down memory lane, thanks to Lois and Jerry and the photos. I like it when the past catches up to me, especially when it's from a part of my life that's full of good memories and great friends.

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