Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Me, Music, and MySpace

I spent part of Labor Day weekend messing with my space on MySpace. As expected, I had fun blurbing my upcoming novel and adding images of my novels-in-waiting. What I didn't expect was that I'd have so much fun adding music.

I started with one song for background music. I'd never heard the song before, but it seemed unoffensive. Now there's a fine quality for a song, right? But as unoffensive as it was, I got tired of hearing it while I messed with my profile, so I replaced it with a few songs I wanted to hear, ones that make me turn up the car radio, drum my fingers on the steering wheel, and intentionally miss traffic lights so I don't reach my destination before they end. Hearing those songs triggered memories of other songs I suddenly needed to hear, and I'd go off into the Internet to find them and expand my song list. As of yesterday, I have 24 songs on my playlist. I find myself visiting my profile just to listen to the music, so I imagine I'll add even more soon.

My musical tastes are mired in the past. Many songs on my playlist are from the 80's. Some are older. There are a few more recent selections, but I think only one song is less than a year old. Ah well. These are songs I love.

Do you think the selection of songs on our playlists reveals something about us? If so and you want a peek into my personality or just want to enjoy some great songs (all right, classics), wander over to my MySpace profile at

Happy toetapping.


  1. Keith,

    That is one of Ralph's all-time favourite songs & singers, ever! He'll want to return to your site again & again. Kewl.

  2. I was just telling someone what songs I listened to when I wrote & revised Dead Witness. I totally agree, Keith. I think music reveals a lot about us.

    Like the new look of your blog.