Monday, August 18, 2008

Horror with Heart

I've taken some time off from writing and editing for a kitchen remodeling project. Today is all about plumbing, and I bet I'll be glad to get back to writing tomorrow.

I continue to be excited over STRUCK. I saw the preliminary cover design the other day, and it blew me away. They have talented folks over there at Regal Crest. I can't wait to splash that cover all over my blog and website.

Marketing is on my mind more now that I have a novel coming out. I used to refer to my novels as horror with heart, but I stopped when people said they had trouble viewing my novels as horror. But horror is a broad genre, and I think my novels fit there. I also like to tug at readers' hearts (in a non-horror way), so horror with heart seems like a good description. Plus, it's catchy.

I'm open to input. Please let me know if you care one way or the other about the term horror with heart.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bright News for DARK KNOWLEDGE

I'm on a roll. Still dancing over my publishing contract for STRUCK, I just learned DARK KNOWLEDGE placed in a national contest in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Novel category. I won't learn whether it's first, second, or third until Sept. 20th, but I'm a happy man no matter which spot it earned. The judge is an editor from Penguin.

Cartoon me

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