Thursday, June 19, 2008

Preferable to Death

In an earlier blog post, I referenced a statistic that most people fear public speaking more than death. Bucking that sentiment, I survived my presentation this week at a SouthWest Writers program without once wishing for the grim reaper.

My topic was Novel by Novel: Learning as You Write, and I discussed some of my experiences writing and revising five novels. A few jitters set in the weekend before my program when I saw my name in the Sunday paper, but they didn't last long. I was surprisingly calm during my talk.

Photo courtesy of Lila Anastas

The presentation seemed well received. The audience laughed in all the right spots, remained attentive, and asked great questions. I couldn't have asked for more. In fact, I gladly give the lion's share of credit for a successful night to the audience. SouthWest Writers is made up of folks who support each other and want every speaker to do well. You can feel the positive attitude at each program. I actually enjoyed the experience.

So there's my promised report. I'll conclude by strongly suggesting that if you're ever actually forced to choose between death and public speaking, pick the podium.

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