Friday, February 15, 2008

Lulu for editing

I don't have a lot to report lately. I've spent some time working on a new novel I call WHITE NOISE, and the first draft continues to excite me as I write it. At this point it looks like I'm in it for the long haul. Yay!

I've also been editing--other people's novels and my own. There has been one interesting development in my self-editing efforts I'll share. I spent ten bucks to print a copy of one of my novels from It was money well spent.

Lulu is a print-on-demand publisher that some writers use to self-publish. I can see why. They do great work at a reasonable cost. I'm not planning to self-publish at this time, but printing out a single copy for personal use has been beneficial in several ways.

First it was a major rush to see and hold one of my novels all dressed up like it had been professionally published. Lulu provides a selection of covers for free (or you can design your own), so the end product really does look like a novel bought at a bookstore. The next benefit came from reading it. Little things jumped out that I'd missed during all my previous edits, so now the manuscript is improved. I must say, though, that the biggest benefit was the satisfaction and pride I felt reading my novel in novel form.

I've Lulu'd all four of my groomed novels now. I added pictures of their covers along the right side of this blog. It's a nice visualization of my goal to be published. I guess that's yet another benefit.

Thanks, Lulu.

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