Sunday, January 26, 2014

STRUCK's last days

Struck has run its course with its publisher. It's been a wonderful experience, my first publishing experience, but all good things end.

Struck went under contract back in July 2008 and was published in 2009, so it's had a good run. Over the past five years, Struck won the 2009 New Mexico Book Award for best new mystery or suspense novel, garnered many glowing reviews, helped open doors to get my other novels published, and introduced me to readers, booksellers, writers, and friends. I've been very proud of it and very happy with my publisher, Regal Crest Enterprises.

I'm not sure what's next for Struck, if anything. It may become available again, probably through Amazon's CreateSpace or another self-publishing vehicle, but I don't guarantee it and can't predict when that could happen. I'm posting this announcement now because if you've thought about purchasing the current version of Struck, either as an eBook or paperback, this is the time to do it. Right now. I wouldn't count on it being available much after the end of January. Click the image below to open a window with all sorts of purchase links or CLICK HERE to go to the Amazon page** for Struck (while that page still exists).
**I just noticed that Amazon reduced the price of the paperback over 50%! I'll take this as a friendly farewell nod from Amazon. You can take it as a good deal for you.** 

Click for purchase links

I'll keep you posted here if it becomes available again, but for now, these are Struck's last days. I'm sad, but I knew this day would come. I'll always be grateful to Regal Crest Enterprises for publishing this novel, and no matter what happens next, Struck will always have a special place in my heart.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Reading the Paranormal reviews Dark Knowledge

The fine folks at Reading the Paranormal were kind enough to review my paranormal horror novel, Dark Knowledge. Click the witchy image below to read the review.

Reading the Paranormal reviews Dark Knowledge

Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 looks great from up here

Picacho Peak from Hunter trailhead
Happy 2014! The weather here in Tucson decided to start the year off right and gave us a BEAUTIFUL sunny January 1st. So I decided to start the year off right too and took a great hike with friends.

We climbed Picacho Peak, well known for its challenging, cable-assisted areas. Turns out, climbing it is something of a New Year tradition here in Tucson. We weren't alone up there, and several of the folks I met along the way make this hike every year.

It was my first time to hike Picacho. It won't be my last.

Taking a breather in the "saddle" on the way up.
A view from the summit.

The infamous cables. There were more difficult areas, but I was too busy holding on to take pictures. 
Me on the summit.

We all enjoyed a hiker's lunch up top.
One of many breathtaking views.
Happy New Year. I hope 2014 gives you new friends and new experiences, breathtaking summits, and something (or someone) to grab onto if the path gets challenging.