Monday, April 15, 2013

The "North Patio"

On a completely non-horror, non-writer note, we're almost done transforming the north mess of our back yard into the new and vastly improved "North Patio." We dreamed about doing this because it was ugly and highly visible to us while enjoying the other, more pleasant parts of our yard. We know a good contractor (who I now deem a great contractor), explained what we wanted, and he made it happen in about 3 weeks. Then we got to work moving rocks, planting trees and shrubs and flowers, and generally sprucing up the yard. Now we're in very good shape and so is our back yard. For your viewing pleasure, some before/after pictures.

What we saw vs. what we now see standing by the pool

From wasted space to our new favorite spot to eat meals

Old vs. new view from the hot tub

What a difference!

Still some work to go to finish it off, but looking good

Our artistic addition: "The Face"


  1. Holy moly, Keith! What a transformation! I'm so happy for you. Swim, Keith, swim!