Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mist on the highway?

Saw this on Facebook and found it so startling, I decided to post it here (assuming this works). So put down that mug of coffee, read the introduction, and evaluate the mist on the highway for yourselves.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fascinating or what?

I saw this circulating on Facebook and couldn't resist "sharing" it with my Facebook friends, along with my comment, "I think I have a new role model."

I moved on, but I found myself returning to my Facebook page several times just to look at this guy. I don't know if this picture of a big hairy dude on a pink tasseled bike reflects how he normally gets around on pretty days or if he's a biker with a sense of humor having a bit of fun or if it was staged. Probably staged, but who cares? It's a great shot and a great caption.

My question to you: Would this guy make a fascinating character or what? And if you choose what, please elaborate.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

SpecFicPick Author Spotlight

I'm basking in the warm spotlight over at the speculative fiction webzine SpecFicPick. This is a great blog for readers of speculative fiction (and if you're not sure if you like speculative fiction or know what, exactly, it is, the site even provides a great definition HERE. Now you know!), because it'll help you find the good stuff out there. In short, SpecFicPick is "dedicated to providing quality content for readers of speculative fiction." And now they're featuring me and my novel Dark Knowledge. Yay!

CLICK HERE to find me and Dark Knowledge in the spotlight.