Monday, February 11, 2013

Rebel writer

I have this really cool, intriguingly dark novel started. It's full of passion, seduction, addiction, greed, a strange alternate world, and even some romance. I call the work in progress Sirens of Sayhurn. I've worked on it, abandoned it, plotted and re-plotted it half to death, redrawn the characters, changed the main threat, returned to writing it, abandoned it again... At one point I trashed 30,000 words I'd struggled to write because the characters bored me, and I started all over again. Now it's better. MUCH better. I love the characters and what they're doing and what they're up against. I love the darkness and the emotion and the motivations.

But...I still resist writing it. ARG!

Tired of trying to force myself to write on this novel, I finally decided to push the entire project aside, at least for now. No more worrying over this thing. I brainstormed new novels. I've got a couple pretty good ideas to consider. they do inside the novel, the Sirens of Sayhurn sang seductively to me, trying to lure me back to their novel. I resisted. They sang more seductively. I resisted. Now they're bothering my sleep, causing me to lapse into deep thoughts about the novel throughout the day. I think I'm going to give in.

Eureka! Instead of trying to force myself to write, I think I need to try to force myself not to. Then I'll be sure to write. I hope.

I'm such a rebel writer, even if the person I'm rebelling against is myself.

Score: Sirens 1, Me 0


  1. Giving in is good. Haha, don't you just love the process! Happy writing, Keith. I'm struggling too. But I'm happy to report I've got 58K done. Yay.