Wednesday, December 12, 2012

High altitude dog dreams

I've mentioned dreams several times in this blog, because...well, because I dream a lot. Always have. And for the past 8 or 9 months, I've been dreaming even more than usual. Vividly.

I've mentioned that my dreams, for the most part, have become positive. I'm usually in control and respected by others verses recurring dreams I had for decades where I'd get lost or feel ignored or insignificant. Dogs have always found their way into my dreams, but lately, they're almost a constant. I'm a major dog lover, so I guess that's not a big surprise. Lately, I've been helping dogs, sometimes saving them. My rare bad dreams sometimes involve having one of our dogs injured. If a dog isn't featured in a dream, one will usually at least still make an appearance in one before the night is over.

An odd aside to all my dog dreaming is that one of our dogs, Tasia, is having her own dreams lately. Almost nightly, she dream-barks, and I have to wake her by saying her name or the barking goes on and on...

But that's enough about my dog's dreams. Back to my dog-dreams. My latest was last night. I was flying around, and--

I guess I should also explain that I've also begun having recurring dreams where I fly. It's an odd sensation. First of all, I always wonder if I'll be able to do it because there's nothing I actually do to initiate flight, but then I start running and I lift off. My ascents are very gradual, and sometimes I worry I won't clear the upcoming fence or trees, but I always do. I tend to over-compensate for the slow ascent and end up soaring higher than I want to be, but I make it back down okay. So despite my trend of being in control in my dreams, I never feel fully in control when I fly, even though I always end up going where I intended to go without crashing or bad consequences.

But last night I was diverted from my a dog. I didn't know the dog. It was a mid-size mix, chocolate brown, smooth hair, and lanky. I was in Amarillo, Texas (hometown and home until I was 31), and I was flying very close to the ground because I'd just gone too high and overcompensated (yet again). I knew I needed to gain altitude, but this brown dog jumped up, gently grabbed my ankle in his mouth, and pulled me to the ground uninjured. I took off again, but my slow ascent let him grab me again. And again. Finally, I made it into the air, but when I looked down, he was running along the ground to keep up with me. Dangerously busy streets were dead ahead, and I was afraid he'd run into traffic and be killed, so I returned to the ground yet again. He was at my side in an instant. I figured I made the right decision and woke.

So I guess I saved another dream-dog last night, my specialty these days, along with flying. A few more of these dreams, and I'm going to come up with a dog-saving superhero name for my dream self. Feel free to suggest something, maybe a costume too. No tights, please.


  1. I wonder if there's a story in there somewhere. "Hero saves dog time and time again."

    Those little me in white coats would probably love to have a minute of your time, Keith.

  2. Have you ever considered doing a book with a dog as the protagonist or a major character? That might be interesting too.

  3. Joylene, you mean those white-coated men are real!?!?! They keep dropping by, but I tell them they're figments of my imagination and send them away. Oops.

    Jonz, I'm leaving that to Dean Koontz for now. Hate to infringe. *smile*

  4. You should come up with a dog-saving superhero name. It's late here in Oz and I can't think of a thing right now. But keep us updated on the search for the name.

  5. LOL, yes, I meant men not me! Haha. Glad you picked up on that. And you tell them to leave the next time they stop by!

  6. Eleni, I'm thinking either "Superpaw" or "PawPal" with a paw print behind the word. Ha. "Able to age 7 times faster than the average man."

    Joylene, I didn't even notice the missing 'n.' Obviously, I read blogs differently than I do manuscripts. Ha.